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And another blog:

Now that the clinic I Holsworthy is in full swing and has been since April, although I have been working as a Hypnotherapist elsewhere for several years, I thought I would give a little update and share a few thoughts.

It has been a great pleasure moving my clinic to Holsworthy where I have met some wonderful individuals who have all benefitted from what I do. All kinds of issues have been dealt with and people have come and gone, having solved their issues and moved on, some occasionally returning for a top up and for a chat too.

It is amazing to see the wonderful changes in everyone, from children to adults, both male and female and the ration of male to female clients has now evened out, which is very rewarding.

Sometimes, people phone and want the service for very little outlay and this is a difficult one, especially considering the cost of training, insurances, rental of my room, continuing CPD, memberships of different validating agencies and the time I always spend in preparing individualised programmes for all my clients. A lot goes on behind the scenes. It isn't just the hour or so that each individual spends in the chair! It really is very specialised work and I do try to explain that what I do is intensive, hard work which has to be done correctly. It certainly isn't a Mickey Mouse therapy and is well worth the outlay which my clients all agree is the case.  To get to where I have arrived took hard work and dedication so I am proud of what I do and it would be terrible to devalue the expertise I have. However, I do try to help, wherever I can if someone is genuinely in need but needs help with the funding of their care. I have given occasional free or discounted sessions but his has to be carefully considered and, like anyone, I need to put food on the table. 

I really do love what I do and it is something that I never tire of. I look forward to each day with joy and excitement as no two days are the same. I could be dealing with Bereavement one appointment, Pain Relief another, Anxiety, Stress or a myriad of other concerns such as Couples Work or a fear of spiders and no to clients are the same either. What works with one may not be the right thing to do with another so the challenge is getting it right and I pride myself on that.

 The only thing that does distress me is when a new client makes an appointment, is keen and eager and then does not turn up! That is awful. I will end up wasting time when I could have been helping someone else and that is sadly why I have, reluctantly, had to charge for consultations as from 1st August as this kind of thing can also seriously affect my income! However, this charge goes towards their first treatment so it is essentially still free but a kind of insurance that they will turn up and, once they do, they do not think of missing an appointment again as they love their sessions so much.

So, there it is, a little window into me and the way I think and work. Thanks for reading my blog. 


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