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Snezzy has been invaluable in helping my partner with ptsd and anger issues following the Manchester Arena terrorist bombing. He comes back from sessions a much happier and more relaxed person and, in turn, this is helping our whole family.  Leisa C-P

Feeling so incredibly upbeat and positive. You have such a gift, thank you

Elizabeth Riley 

I've been to Snezzy four times now for help with making better food choices, with the long term goal of losing weight. I am a little overwhelmed at how well it's gone. I am not weighing myself, but my food choices have done a complete 180. My mentality is absurdley different: no longer am I reaching for food when I feel sad or cross. Nothing is a quick fix and I went with the goal of changing one simple bad habit rather than expecting an entire life change, but I have achieved so so much more than I thougt I could. I simply cannot say enough good things about my experience. A big thank-you x

Elizabeth Riley 

She is excellent and really puts you at ease the help she gave me and my husband was amazing xx

Aprille Easton

Snezzy is a beautifully warm and caring lady - one of life's healers and one of the first people I turned to as a confidante when I received my cancer diagnosis last year. Her support helped me through my most difficult period of my life 💚💛 

Anne Duff

If I could give higher than I 5*, I would! I can’t even tell you how much I would recommend Snezzy! She is a blessing and i am so so so glad I go see her for my anxiety! She’s changed my life completely, I can do things I never thought I’d be able to do again. If I ever have a bad spell I know I can go and see Snezzy who changes my whole thought process and leaves me smiling! A true, genuine lady who cares and is a pleasure to be in the presence of! I can’t thank you enough! Xx

Tash Draper

My partner Rob and I want to give huge thanks to Snezzy for doing such amazing work with us both. We both suffered long-term abuse from other partners that lead to anger, doubt, insomnia, self esteem issues and I myself was diagnosed with PTSD after having terrifying memories return. Dearest Snezzy took our pain very personally, learned about us and who we were, and joined us in our journey to recovery whilst simultaneously being the vessel that carried us. My partner and I are both stronger and happier and have been winning our battles now. I don't know how to explain the healing that we've both truly is something that happens on a deeper level of awareness. It's changed us both and we're forever grateful and are happy and honoured to know you Snez (that's my nickname for you lol). Much love and thanks, 

Kristin and Rob

Fabulous lady who makes you feel very comfortable and welcome. Definitely worth the 2 visits

Jackie Manuel

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